»Naložbo (izdelavo spletne strani trgovine) sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj«


Spletna stran EKP v Sloveniji: http://www.eu-skladi.si/

Sofinanciranje pridobljeno preko Vavčerja za digitalni marketing.


 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Authentication Allows you to manage authentication settings for sites using Windows Authentication.8.0.4 Brez
CISS.SideMenu This is Navigation suite All in One, many menu styles for dotnetnuke, http://www.dnn360.net 1.4.50 Da
Configuration Manager The configuration manager module allows you to load various .config files located within the website; allowing you to edit them without direct access to the file system.8.0.4 Brez
Console Display children pages as icon links for navigation.8.0.4 Da
Dashboard Provides a snapshot of your DotNetNuke Application.8.0.4 Brez
DDR Menu DotNetNuke Navigation Provider.8.0.4 Brez
Digital Asset Management DotNetNuke Corporation Digital Asset Management module8.0.4 Da
EasyDNNGallery EasyDNNGallery Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com9.4.0 Da
EasyDNNnews EasyDNNnews module Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com 10.1.0 Brez
EasyDNNnews Calendar EasyDNNnews Calendar module Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com 10.1.0 Brez
EasyDNNnews Categories Menu EasyDNNnews Categories Menu module. Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com 10.1.0 Brez
EasyDNNnews Search Search module for the EasyDNNnews Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com 10.1.0 Brez
EasyDNNnews TagCloud EasyDNNnews TagCloud module Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com 10.1.0 Brez
EasyDNNnews Widgets EasyDNNnews Widgets module Web: http://www.easydnnsolutions.com Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com10.1.0 Brez
Extensions Allows a Super User to manage the various extensions, such as Skins, Modules Language Packs, providers etc.8.0.4 Da
Form and List Create a simple form or a view of repetitive and simple data.6.5.2 Da
Google Analytics Configure Site Google Analytics settings.8.0.4 Da
HTML This module renders a block of HTML or Text content. The Html/Text module allows authorized users to edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. Optional tokens can be used that get replaced dynamically during display. All versions of content are stored in the database including the ability to rollback to an older version.8.0.4 Da
Html Editor Management A module used to configure toolbar items, behavior, and other options used in the DotNetNuke HtmlEditor Provider.8.0.4 Brez
Journal DotNetNuke Corporation Journal module8.0.4 Da
Languages The Languages module provides a means to create, edit and verify language packs for use within DNN. 8.0.4 Da
Lists Allows you to edit common lists.8.0.4 Da
Log Viewer Administrators can send bulk email to all users belonging to a particular Role.8.0.4 Da
Member Directory The Member Directory module displays a list of Members based on role, profile property or relationship.8.0.4 Da
Message Center Core Messaging module allows users to message each other.8.0.4 Da
Module Creator Development of modules.8.0.4 Brez
Pages Administrators can manage the Pages within the site. This module allows you to create a new page, modify an existing page, delete pages, change the page order, and change the hierarchical page level.8.0.4 Brez
Razor Host The Razor Host module allows developers to host Razor Scripts.8.0.4 Brez
Recycle Bin The Recycle Bin provides an interface for restoring or permanently deleting Tabs and Modules.8.0.4 Da
Registration Allow users to create membership in the site.8.0.4 Brez
Search Admin The Search Admininstrator provides the ability to manage search settings.8.0.4 Da
Search Results The Search Results module displays search results.8.0.4 Da
Security Analyzer SecurityAnalyzer module8.0.2 Brez
Site Wizard The Administrator can use this user-friendly wizard to set up the common features of the site.8.0.4 Da
Sitemap Site Map Settings.8.0.4 Da
Social Groups DotNetNuke Corporation Social Groups module8.0.4 Brez
SQL The Super User can execute SQL statements against the database.8.0.4 Brez
Taxonomy Manager Administrators can manage the Taxonomy for their site.8.0.4 Da
Themes The Theme Management module provides an interface for managing the installed themes, and how they're applied to your site.8.0.4 Da
ViewProfile 8.0.4 Da

Authentication Systems

 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Default Authentication The Default UserName/Password Authentication System for DotNetNuke.8.0.4


 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Aphelia Aphelia Container7.0.0
Default 1.0.0
Facebook Facebook Container7.0.0
Gravity Gravity Container7.0.0
Xcillion DNN container1.0.0

Core Language Packs

 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Slovenski (Slovenija) 1.0.0

Dashboard Controls

 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Database 8.0.0
Host 8.0.0
Modules 8.0.0
Portals 8.0.0
Skins 8.0.0
WebServer 8.0.0

Extension Language Packs

No Extensions were found

JavaScript Libraries

 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
jQuery JavaScript Library jQuery is a JavaScript library that is used to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM).1.9.1
jQuery Migrate JavaScript Library jQuery Migrate is a JavaScript library that is used to mintain jQuery backwards compatability.1.2.1
jQueryUI JavaScript Library jQueryUI is a JavaScript library that is used to extend jQuery to provide UI widgets.1.11.3
Knockout JavaScript Library Knockout is an MVVM library that is used for client side databinding.3.3.0
Knockout Mapping JavaScript Library Knockout Mapping is a plugin for Knockout that adds the ability for JSON documents to be automatically mapped to Knockout ViewModels.2.4.1


 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
DotNetNuke Telerik Web Components Provides Telerik Components for DotNetNuke.8.0.1
Url Management DotNetNuke Corporation URL Management module8.0.4


 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
DNN Connect CKEditor Provider CKEditor Provider by DNN Connect for DNN1.0.3
DotNetNuke Client Capability Provider Device Detection / Client Capability Provider8.0.4


 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
Aphelia Aphelia Skin7.0.0
Default 1.0.0
Facebook Facebook Skin7.0.0
Gravity Gravity Skin7.0.0
Xcillion A new default DNN skin1.0.0

Skin Objects

 Name DescriptionVersionIn UseUpgrade?
ACTIONBUTTON SkinObject 8.0.4
ACTIONS SkinObject 8.0.4
BANNER SkinObject 8.0.4
BREADCRUMB SkinObject 8.0.4
CONTROLPANEL SkinObject 8.0.4
COPYRIGHT SkinObject 8.0.4
CURRENTDATE SkinObject 8.0.4
DNNCSSEXCLUDE SkinObject 8.0.4
DNNCSSINCLUDE SkinObject 8.0.4
DNNJSEXCLUDE SkinObject 8.0.4
DNNJSINCLUDE SkinObject 8.0.4
DOTNETNUKE SkinObject 8.0.4
HELP SkinObject 8.0.4
HOSTNAME SkinObject 8.0.4
ICON SkinObject 8.0.4
JQUERY SkinObject 8.0.4
LANGUAGE SkinObject 8.0.4
LEFTMENU SkinObject 8.0.4
LINKACTIONS SkinObject 8.0.4
LINKS SkinObject 8.0.4
LOGIN SkinObject 8.0.4
LOGO SkinObject 8.0.4
MENU SkinObject 8.0.4
NAV SkinObject 8.0.4
PRINTMODULE SkinObject 8.0.4
PRIVACY SkinObject 8.0.4
SEARCH SkinObject 8.0.4
SIGNIN SkinObject 8.0.4
STYLES SkinObject 8.0.4
TAGSSkinObject 8.0.4
TERMS SkinObject 8.0.4
TEXT SkinObject 8.0.4
TITLE SkinObject 8.0.4
Toast SkinObject 8.0.4
TREEVIEW SkinObject 8.0.4
USER SkinObject 8.0.4
VISIBILITY SkinObject 8.0.4


No Extensions were found